A Car or A Piece Of Land – Which Do You Think Is Right To Buy First?

This is a very pressing issue as more and more youth will continue to take their eyes off the necessities and focus on the irrelevant.

Youth these days just want to show off and as such, they indirectly/ignorantly ignore the right things to do to secure their future.

98% of the Youths will use their first major substantial cash to get a Car instead of using it to Secure a piece of Land. Most of us are guilty of this and am not a saint either but truth be told, it’s a total bull shit.
The saddest truth is that after buying the first car, one might eventually run out of cash but luckily, we might be able saved up or hammer again and instead of Investing on Landed properties this time, Most of us will rather use the funds to Upgrade our first Car to something more Sophisticated.

e.g from EOD or Corolla to Muscle, from Muscle to Cross Tour, from Venza to Range, from C350 to ML350 and the list continues… Now, na Benz all of us dey pursue 😂😂 If only you know how much the part cost, you will focus on spending on other things you can point at in the next 10 years.

Only Genuine Reason To Get A Car Before Buying A Land

The only Genuine reason why any reasonable young man should buy a car before buying a land is if the Car helps you seal more deal or increases your Income. Simple!! We all know some Jobs needs packaging.
Anything other than this is bad, unreasonable and not healthy for a young Hustler. What if you think you will make more money and things did not go as planned? I Pray nothing bad happens but this is Life, life happens.

A car is a mere showoff and it will only bring more unwanted Responsibilities your way. I don’t know about you ooo but 99.9% of us will fix our car issues first before attending to our Parent’s wants.

Don’t even bother to lie or give me any excuse or say “Na lie”, Pastors and Alfas are guilty of this, so who are you?

If you own a car and someone walk up to you to seek for your help and you are unable to help at that particular point in time, you only sent a signal and the Signal is that “You Are Stingy”. How? Thats how a Nigerian family person or friend’s will perceive it. You no wan help ni na, that’s the likely phrase they will utter when reporting you to another family member or friend.

How many people do you have to explain to that you are so broke when that person actually seeks for your help?

Ogbeni, Nigerians won’t believe you are broke as you claimed, but you have a Car na? Am saying this from my own experience and If I have the opportunity to fix my youthful phase, am gonna buid at least 2 houses before buying a common Toyota Corolla.

All I wrote above is my own story/opinion/perspective. Now, over to you.

In all Sincerity, If you Are To Advise A Young Man Or Your Younger One 👇

Between A Car and A Piece Of Land, Which Would You Ask He/She To Acquire First?

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My full name is Kulichang Ibrahim, I am a medical student, studying in Ukraine.

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